Stuck in Visualization of X Axis

  • 11 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I want X axis to be same like Y axis from 0% to 100%. I know as my X axis is a dimension it will show me the same fields in visualization. Dimension Org Percent showing 25% 5 times due to another dimension Alert Created Date. so if I try to remove that date dimension, it throws an error saying “column should be in group by clause or an aggregate function should be used”. How can I achieve only single count of 25% and 75% on X axis.

2 replies

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That’s an interesting error to be getting here— Are those custom dimensions?

I can’t replicate the error completely, but just from glancing at the visualization, I think if you just returned one percentage measure instead of all of those custom measures, it would automatically make the visualization use a standard axis. When I tried it, that worked ok:

Even though there’s multiple “ratings”, they show up independently.

Another possibility: If that percent dimension is a string, and not a number with a value format, then maybe it’s plotting that multiple times where it wouldn’t do the same for a number.

Two things to try!

Yes they were custom dimensions and measures.

I worked on it as you suggested and was able to achieve the visualization I needed.

Thanks for your help.