Static Map showing different colors for the same value

  • 23 March 2022
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I’m truly stumped by this one. Here are the facts:

  • I have a Static Map (Region), where I am displaying a measurement by state.
  • I have custom colors for the gradient.
  • The measurement displayed is a dynamic measure created with liquid; you change the value of the “Selected Measure” parameter in order to change the measure displayed

When I was testing the dashboard and filters, I notice one scenario that doesn’t make sense. The measurement I’ve selected is the exact same amount in all 50 states (which is correct, it should be, due to the filter I have active). I would expect for all 50 states to be the same color, since the values are all identical. However, it’s doing this! I’ve included the results pane to show the values.


To try to investigate, I changed the chart type to a table; the visualization on the cell is doing the same thing! These measurements are all the same, why are the colors different?!



Does anyone have any idea what I should do or why it’s doing this?

Thank you,

Jess Kyle

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