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I’m trying to compare budgets and actual values, but each of them is broken into categories. So, ideally I’d like to show budget as an area chart with the actuals superimposed as columns. So far so good, BUT - even when the series positioning is set as stacked, it only stacks the “primary” type (if it’s set up as an area chart, it will only stack the areas, while if it is set as bar chart, it only stacks the bars). Am I missing something? Is there a way to have both stacked?

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I think you’re not missing anything. The visualisation settings are tied to the primary type even if they make sense for other types. Some settings are universal like font size but those more important ones like stacking only works for the primary chart. I requested the settings to be honoured by all types of series previously… still waiting

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Thanks @Dawid_Nawrot! I’ll wait with you then 🙂

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