Stacked columns with second axis?

  • 9 November 2018
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Is there a way of creating a stacked column chart with a secondary axis? Grouped + second axis works fine, but as soon as I stack all series just get stacked with no option to split them out. Am I just missing something?

31 replies

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Hey @_Andrew thanks for your message. You are correct, this is currently not available in Looker’s visualization.

The current behavior when Stacking is that all series will be stacked together, without the option to group them.

I am going to let our product team know you would like this option in the visualization in Looker.

Also as a possibility, Looker support customer defined visualizations. So you could create your own visualization that achieves this behavior and use it in your Looker instance.

Here is our document on these custom visualizations in case that helps!

Have a great day!

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Hey Romain, thanks for the response. Would be super handy to add this in if possible!

I didn’t realise custom visualizations was an option but slightly beyond my skill level I think 😉

+1 - would love to have stacked bar charts available for only select measures in a particular grouping:

Example: i want to visualize pipeline by stage vs. Net TCV booked, but I only want pipeline to be stacked by stage since Net TCV will all be in stage “closed/won”.


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Not to jump on an old topic - but is there an official feature request for this ability?

Any news on this feature ?

Any update on this feature, looks like it’s still not available?

Any news here, still seems unavailable?

+1 for this - any update?

+1 more for this

Any update on this one?

Come on Looker, help us out. 

+1 for this

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+1 as well!

+1 :pray_tone1:

Hey all - 

I think I figured out a workaround here: 

  • Create a “column chart” viz with 3 KPIs
  • Stack them in the “plot” option
  • Then make 1 of them a line instead of a column in the “series” option
  • Then on the y-axis, it will appear separately from the other two “stacked” columns, and you can move it to its own axis

Hope that helps! 


Thanks  @aaron_wilkowitz , I’ve tried your approach and it can be a workaround for 3 measures, but in my case I’d like to make two stacked columns next to each other with 2 stacked measures each :D

Pleeeaase looker add this, the custom viz options seem very complicated 🙏🏽

+1 on this one!


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+1 - I want to create a funnel-like view with columns, but for certain columns (2 categories in a stage) to be stacked, while the rest are not

+1 - Would really love this feature!

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To me this seems rather basic functionality with a lot of use cases.

It has been 3 years since the topic was started.


Any news? :(



Any update on this? It seems like basic functionality for a useful stacked chart.