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  • 30 May 2019
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I’m having trouble building a bar chart that would have few categories and in each of them a metric should be split by a pivot.

For example I have number of sessions and two dimensions:

time: this week, last year
type: new, returning

I would like the barchart to look like this:

|new |
|ret |

and this bar chart to be repeated by pivot: last year, this year etc.

I can’t achieve that. I create table with new/ret as dimension and few measures (last year, this week etc.) but I can’t make the bar charts to be split by the category… any thoughts?

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Now when I think about it, it would be pretty easily accomplished if we had transposition…

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Hi Dawid,

If you have a dimension that splits timestamps and one that splits the type, it should not be a problem to achieve this.

What is the measure you are using?

  1. If you put in - for example - a date_year-field as a regular dimension with a filter on the past 2 years.

  2. Then add the type as a pivot.

  3. Add the measure

  4. Choose Bar Visualisation

  5. Under Edit, click on Stacked

Or am I missing something?

If you want to transpose measures, I coincidently just read an article on that:

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