Some PDF/schedule rendering problems lately

  • 29 June 2022
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We are using Looker 22.10.32. I’m not sure of when this started, but it’s been after one of the updates a few months back. All seem to be related to PDF rendering.

  1. Column headers are getting cut off, squeezed, and generally messed up
  2. Columns themselves are getting cut off no matter how we try to format the PDF
  3. Most notably, some dashboards will show up just fine on web, but when trying to schedule or download, we get this error:  query failed: Non-unique value/primary key (or sql_distinct_key), value overflow or collision when computing sum

This has been happening for a while and we have been in contact with support, but it just seems to be a black hole. Can we get some answers on why this is happening?

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