Show additional data in the tooltips of the visualization

  • 12 July 2021
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I have a bar chart grouped by a categorical variable.

Im trying to add the MoM variation as a value in the tooltip, so I don’t have to create a new plot to show it.

Someone can help me with this?


3 replies

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Tooltips are not unfortunately not configurable and even if you add a new measure/table calculation, in order to hide it from the bar chart, you would have to click Hide from Visualisation, which unfortunately also hides the value from the tooltip..

Hi @Dawid,

Yes, I tried to hide the the table calculation from the visualization and the value disappeared from the plot. I’m a Looker new user. These kinds of things in power bi are super easy to realice. So Is not it possible to do? :(

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Tooltip is part of the visualisation so when we click Hide from Visualisation, we technically hide it from tooltip as well. Not to mention that tooltips are assigned to each series. We don’t get a “composite” tooltip with all the information.


Perhaps one way would be to use html parameter in your measure and include both numbers there and see if tooltip would display both.