"Select all / select none" in a multiple series dashboard

  • 21 June 2019
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Hi everyone!

I want to have a dashboard where by default only one serie is selected but with the possibility of selecting others.

For example, I have the NPS of the company shown by area so every time I see the dashboard all the areas are selected. By default I want to see only 1 area selected so I can select the others areas if I need to.

Is there any way to have an “select all / select none” option?


5 replies

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If you option+click on a series in the legend, it deselects all but that series! Option clicking it again returns everything. I don’t believe you can set this by default, but that is a one-click way to get that functionality.


Hello @izzy

Were there any changement on this shortcut ? I have the same issue but the Option+Click method does not work. 

Others shortcuts (as Commande+E to edit) works but this one does not. 

Thanks for your help !

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This shortcut currently works only in legacy dashboards, as of my testing today.

Thanks for your reply @la5rocks , 
Is there any similar functionality for New Looker Dashboards (not only shortcuts) ? 
Is there any advantages to use Legacy Dashboards over New Looker Dashboards ? 

Thanks for your help