Scheduled PDF report always blank, but dashboard has dara

  • 22 February 2021
  • 2 replies


I have a report scheduled to be sent weekly.

It is also set to automatically refresh daily.


The report works fine:

But the PDF sent always comes blank:

Any idea of why, and how to solve it?



2 replies

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Hi @Luizsales,

I remember this happening to me a while ago, not 100% sure but worth a try…. could it be that your latest lookml changes are not pushed to production? What solved it for me was pushing those changes to production and then printing the pdf report. 

Thanks @David_P,

I’m more on the end-user side rather then coding (so I’m not making changes on lookml in my company), so I asked our developers help to push anything missing into production. But there weren’t any changes missing, everything is live already. So I’m afraid this wasn’t the root cause in that case :(