Schedule is still delivering eventhough I deletd those schedules from the dashbaord

  • 15 July 2017
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I am using Looker version 4.14. I initially created 5 schedules with different filters on one looker dashbaord. Early this week I deleted those schedules, so there is no schedules available (as I cannot see schedule sign next to the dashbaord name in the space, or show up under schedule under gear icon).

But today those 5 schedules got delivered to the users eventhoug they are not there. Is it the issue with scheduleing in Looker? I only seen them in history as those completed but not under the plan or at the dashbaord level.

1 reply

Hi there! We’d be happy to investigate this with you. Would you mind emailing support at looker dot com or opening a chat session in Looker for assistance?