Saving Graph Presets - idea

  • 30 June 2016
  • 4 replies

I find myself re-configuring the same graph settings for all my visualizations.

Can we get a feature request to save these settings?

4 replies

That sounds like a great idea - I’ll pass it on to our Product team!

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I always turn off Show Axis Name for dates as it’s clear what it is and reduces clutter.

I’m also a fan of Point Style = 'Circle (filled)'

This would be a great feature!

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I usually end up switching Show Full Field Name to Off for all of my visualizations. It would also be great if measures with value_format_name: percent_# had their Y-Axis max value be 1.

I turn off gridlines and points,

hide axis labels,

align the legend left

(it would be awesome to be able to place this within the graph),

decrease the density of ticks to 4 in the x-axis and the second notch for the y,

I also use a custom color palette 😉