RETIRED: Using Markdown in Text Tiles on Dashboards

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Really like the progress being made to add user generated context to visualizations in dashboards. One question regarding formatting. Right now there’s no support for header markdown and the Title tags on text tiles are fixed in their formatting. So i’m wondering

  1. Does the size of the title text scale with browser / screen size? e.g. if I put dashboard w/ a text tile up on a very large TV , will the font remain the same size as if it was on my 1440x900 laptop?

  2. Are there any plans for adding additional markdown / text editing capabilities on these text tiles? If so would that release roadmap be available for me to share with analysts asking about timeline for additional functionality?

Thanks for all the great work on 4.12

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your reply!

The answer to your first question is a little complicated. You are right, the font size of the title and body text is fixed. What will determine how big it will appear on a screen is dependent not on the size of the screen, but its resolution. I have a laptop with a small screen and a large monitor. But the text appears the same size on both of them because the resolution on the big monitor is higher, so the pixels end up being the same size on both monitors. If your TV has the same resolution as your laptop, but is a much bigger screen, than the text would appear proportionally larger on the TV. But if your TV has a higher pixel count, the text size may not change that much. One way to increase text size, then, would be to reduce the resolution of the screen.

If that’s not an option (and I like my high-res screens), another workaround would be to create an image of a title that you want to display in large characters, and then reference it into the Body field using this Markdown syntax:

![alt text](

The Title and Subtitle fields in the text tile are optional, so you can leave them blank.

In regards to your second question, we are considering adding additional Markdown functionality for text tiles, and are currently collecting use cases for additional Markdown capabilities that you’d find helpful. We’d love for you to add your suggestions & use cases as a comment to this article or let the chat team know.

Hope this helps!


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Is there a way to use liquid in text as a part of html? So cna display certain values of the filter field on the dashboard to see which values user has selected for the analysis?

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Hi @kshah7, apologies for the extreme delay here. That’s not possible right now, but what I recommend is to use a single value visualization for this!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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It is also possible to change the font options for the text in the Tiles this way:

<font color="blue" size="10">Blue Size 10</font>

<font color="red" size="6">Red Size 6</font>



Is anyone having any trouble making the asterisks work to create emphasis? When I run it I still just see the word surrounded by two asterisks.


Hey @bgadbaw, I was testing the markdown and it was working for me, and It looks like you might be trying to use markdown in the title of your text tile. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only use the markdown syntax in the body of a text tile. Titles and subtitles will not render the markdown you are expecting.

You can however use the html <i> for italic and <b> for bold tags to render italics and bolds within the title.

Title with emphasis

Another thing you can try is to use html within the body like the following to get more precisely what you want:

 Title with emphasis 

we want *emphasis* here

And **lots of emphasis _here._**

And _some_ emphasis __here__

Which will render like this if it is in the body:

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Thank you Jeremy! emphasis worked.

We are using text tiles with links on dashboards to build navigation links (think breadcrumbs) from a parent dashboard to child dashboards and back to the parent.

[We also have parameterized dashboards, e.g. if you click on one supplier, but that does not use text tiles]

The need for navigation between related dashboards is because we are using an embedded iFrame (powered by Looker) and I want to manage only one top-level URL.

Can you recommend some best practices to build a hierarchy of dashboards?

If using text tiles for navigation is OK, can we ask for more formatting capabilities, e.g. to make the font bigger and left center it?

Thank you in advance,


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Hey @sdeusch,

This is a feature that has been on our Product Team radar for some time. At the moment HTML/CSS styling control is still not possible. However we have a feature request filed to our product team. I would add +1 to it on your behalf and will mention your individual use case. As for changing font size, please see @romain.ducarrouge comment above.



Thanks for the swift reply, @Aleksandrs_Vederniko

You could add a 5th button on the dashboard edit screen for placing links ():

[Looks], [Text], [Links]
, [Filters], [Settings]

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In case this is useful, we started implementing Looker at Sunrun a little over a month ago and for the most part we’ve found the experience to be fantastic.

Unfortunately, the BI team is starting to hear from the business that the following limitations may become absolute show stoppers in business adoption:

  • Inability to rearrange slicers (move to column on left, instead of fixed in row along top)

  • Inability to create tabs in dashboards

  • Inability to use HTML in text tiles

What’s most unfortunate is that each of these are simple to implement technically but may become the straws that break a wonderful camel’s back (Looker).

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Hey @davisclark,

Thanks for that feedback; I’ve passed along those three ideas to the product team. For the third point, since some limited HTML is supported in text tiles, could you elaborate on how you’d like to format your text tiles using HTML?


I am building a dashboard with a full screen width text tile as a ‘header.’ I’d love to have the text tile header and the text body centered, but the body is left aligned. Is it possible to get it center or right aligned?

I’d also love to disable premature text wrapping, where the text wraps before reaching the end of the tile, is this possible?

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Hey Scott,

The <center> HTML tag can be used to center text within the body of a text tile.

As for the text wrapping, changing the margins on the text tiles is not possible at this time but I’ll be sure to pass the feedback along to the product team.

Thank you Rachel, this worked as desired!

For those (like me) who are unfamiliar with HTML, you can implement it as such

<center> Text for body </center>

and will auto center the entirety of the body, even if there are multiple paragraphs/breaks.

Is there a way to add background colors using HTML?