Responsive UI doesn't have consistent behavior

  • 25 May 2017
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I’m building out a set of dashboards, and the UI between all of them isn’t behaving similarly. The latest shows a set of cards with single values, but the cards are showing:

a) fonts that are smaller than would be expected for the space allotted

b) the cards show sizes that are different than one another, creating inconsistencies.

Screenshot below. Do I have any control over the way it responds? If not, is this a platform bug?

3 replies

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The font size of single value visualizations on a user defined dashboard will match the smallest single value vis on that dashboard and will automatically readjust based on the tile size and browser window size.

You can control the size of the tiles by dragging from the bottom right corner of each tile after clicking the Edit button on the dashboard.

You can read more on that here:

thanks, @rufus, but that doesn’t really address my issue. The visualizations are showing:

a) differently than other Single Value visualizations on other dashboards

b) the visualizations themselves are showing at different font sizes, even though the cards are sized similarly.

They should all be in sync, but are not. Hence the bug.

Hi Greg -

I’m going to open a support issue for this. You should be receiving an email shortly!