[Resolved] Line Visualisation - incorrectly visualised slope

  • 14 July 2019
  • 4 replies

I have this line chart where I display % values across multiple weeks. But the slope of the yellow line between Saturday and Sunday is wrong.

Did anyone experience the same thing? Or do you know how to fix this?

4 replies

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Hi Jakub! I think that you might be using a stacked line graph. If you open up the settings for your visualization (step 1 below, the little gear icon in the top right of the viz bar), you’ll be able to change it to Overlay (step 2 below).


Yes, you’re right. I found it better visualisation than overlay positioning. But still. Tt should display the slope differently, right? Am I missing something?

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Because it’s stacked you add the values together.

So the top line isn’t showing 76% - 74% - 76%

It’s actually showing 255% - 231% - 183%

And the line is showing that perfectly. This is true for the entire graph, like the middle line for the first and third node read 72% and 59%, but the 59% looks about the same height, if not higher than the 72%, because it’s dependant on the green line below pushing it up.

The only reason you’re noticing it now is that the last node of the middle line is only 29%, which has a very large visual impact on the line above

Got it! I don’t know why I thought it’ll respect individual line’s slope. That makes sense now. Thanks a lot 🙂