(Resolved) Font Awesome

  • 23 May 2019
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I’ve seen a few examples using Font Awesome. I can’t figure it out. How do I add it to my dashboard?

Thanks a lot 🙂

9 replies

Has anyone found an alternative to FontAwesome for dashboards-next?
I’d love to reference external resources or at the very least, leverage the icons from the Looker Components library used in the extension framework.

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That’s a shame : (

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I was just told by Looker Support that Font Awesome icons will no longer be supported. Here’s the full response:

I have heard back from the team and it sounds like font-awesome will ultimately be deprecated, so it is expected that font-awesome does not work on dashboards next. For current use with legacy dashboards, there may be a legacy flag that allows use of font-awesome while teams transition to alternative methods such as using unicode characters or importing images with Looker HTML. I don't know if a specific timeline for when font-awesome will be depreciated, but I can tell you that Looker plans to fully depreciate legacy dashboards in 2022. 


Still seeing this issue intermittently. We have some dashboards-next dashboards where the icons work, and some where they don’t. What exactly can we do to get this resolved?




Hey All,

We’ve been using the font awesome icons on our lookml dashboards as shown above but after upgrading our dashboards to dashboards-next they seem to no longer work.
Has anyone had success with using icons on the upgraded dashboards-next?




I found the way. It’s the same. Thanks

Not sure what you mean by text file - the fontawesome icons are HTML so only work in rendered HTML or Markdown which eventually renders HTML.

Would you know how to use them in a text tile?

Hi @JakubD

I think FontAwesome is used by Looker so the icons are available for you to use in Markdown document and field HTML. For example, I tested this with a dummy dimension:

dimension: test_fa {
type: string
sql: '' ;;
html: <i class='fa fa-ambulance'></i> ;;

When this is rendered you’ll see the icon in the table:


If you want large icons you can use a single value visualisation.

I’m not sure which version of FA is used but I think the most common icons should be available.