Resizing the image in text tile

  • 27 July 2017
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Is there a way of resizing the images in text tiles? The image I have seems to be pretty big and does not fit in desired space on text tile. Here is the image link;

Also, I can not fix the location of the tiles other then adjacent to another tiles or view. If I try to put tile somewhere down and apart of other tiles, it by default gets attached to another tiles or looks.

4 replies

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Hey @sachs089,

When using Markdown formatting, there isn’t a way to resize those images. Some basic html is supported by Markdown, however, and you can use that to control image size:

<img src="" width="100%"/>

You can change the width="100%" as desired.

Hey! is the only way to add an image to a text tile through HTML?

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Yurp, for now you have to use HTML tags in a text tile. If you use %'s instead of px values for the width and height, it should auto resize to fit the text box as you shrink and grow it, tho! That always tripped me up at first.

Try this image resizer to resize to image