Quota usage/token usage

  • 30 November 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi there, does anyone know a way of seeing how many tokens my looker studio reports are using? And the amount we have left. 

We are exploring the option of upgrading to GA4 360, but before doing so, want to make sure we won’t still be going over our limit of tokens. 


3 replies

Hi Amy

This is really a huge mess created by google. Kind of Armageddon for Agencies like us who would like to use the tools in a good way but google completely f.ked it up for all of us. There is another Thread on officiel google looker studio community Website:
Feel free to give a thumb up there and write a comment as well.

have a nice day and lets hope Google reverses this huge mistake.

Agreed Simon. Cant they give us a break!!!

Really bad move from google. It made most of the hi level report unusable. i am dumping enterprise G4 and looker all together.