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  • 19 July 2018
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Please find below a few product wishes for your new release. Your chat informed me the following was not currently possible or sometimes possible with a long “workaround”.

I thought I’d post them here so other users do not search for the same question.

However, I tried to insert photos to better illustrate but received a message that as a new user I am only allowed one photo. Could you please kindly tell me when I may complete my post ?

  • You can not have colours in bar charts unless you pivot, would be great to have a bar graph in colours that is not pivoted.

  • Would like to be able to overlay bars like this:

  • Have bar titles directly inside bars.

  • Sort data when its pivoted

  • have x axis name DIRECTLY under the bars instead of as legend.

Thank you in advance


6 replies

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Hi Christine,

To reply to you question about overlaying bars.

The way I ‘solve’ a similar question is by using several calculations.

Say, the orange bar is some kind of limit and you want to keep track whether the blue line is below/above it and by how much.

You have the (hidden) measures:

a. Current value;

b. Limit;

And the following calculations:

  1. Result up to limit: if(${current_value} > ${limit}, ${limit}, ${current_value})

  2. Below limit: if(${current_value} < ${limit}, ${limit} - ${current_value}, 0)

  3. Above limit: if(${current_value} > ${limit}, ${current_value} - ${limit}, 0)

If you then choose for a bar visualisation and set “Series Positioning: Stacked”, you might get a result that is working well enough.

This way (with even a few more calculation), I made a dashboard showing different values compared to their daily and monthly target:

Kind regards,


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Hello Daan, thank you for your kind reply!

That is very helpful and will use your calculation for one off analysis.

However, I was looking to use this graph when I do not have a specific value or limit and use it instead grouped bars to compare YTD for example to LY.

Kind regards,


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Hi Christine,

Ah, but the limit is just an example. You can change the ${limit} by ${value_last_year}, ${value_last_month} or ${current_value_of_different_product} for comparisons. 🙂



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I tried the stacked option before I posted and it does not work differently for me with the calculations… It is still not overlaying.

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Christine, @DaanIF 's method is a great work through and while it doesn’t exactly overlay different sized bars as your example shows, it does give a good depth of field visual of showing the “greater value” behind the lesser.

We do appreciate the detailed post and your product wishes, I will pass these on to our product team. We rely on and value this type of feedback!

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Hello Jeffrey,

I totally agree that is does give a good depth and use (even more depth than my version) However, I strongly prefer that overlayed visual as it seems easier to read for more commercial/less analytical users.

Thank you again for your great support I really appreciate it.