Pre-cache a dashboard?

  • 4 January 2018
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Hi. I want users to click into data on my dashboards.

But, I find that they often give up because the load times so long. Can I set it so that it runs every drill-down query when it refreshes the dashboard?



8 replies

Instead of caching every drill down, a PDT might be the alternative solution to get the speed you are looking for

The dashboard pulls from data stored in a PDT.

Hey @sebastian there’s no simple way to have cache “warmed” with every potential drill-down. If you could visit with a few more details as to how this would work in your instance I’d be happy to pass this information along to our product team.

I suspect you could use the looker API to do this. If you set up a cron-job that hits all of the relevant looks with the drill downs every morning and set the caching rules appropriately I think you could make this happen.

Can anyone confirm that this works with the API?

If we make a request with cached=True does that actually cause it to cache the result from that request (if not already cached)?

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Hi @jamesmcm, the making the request with cache = True tells the but whether to use cached results if available or not:

cache=true : use cache if it is available

cache=false : don't use cache even if it is available

cache_only=true : retrieve any results from cache even if the results have expired

However, these endpoints do not set the cache.

So is there an API call that can set the cache?

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Hi James,

Yeah, precaching a dashboard can be done with the API, there’s a good outline of how to accomplish this here: Prefetching (3.36+)

However, we generally recommend using datagroups and schedules for this job, since it guarantees the filters will be the ones used by the dashboard.