Pivot Table Volume calculation error

  • 17 March 2023
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Hello Community,


I am having one issue on the Pivot table calculation. This is to calculate process failure. it looks like this as shown below-


Original Data:

Service Provider -------- Process Issue------Logistics Volume

XXXXXXXXXXX --------- 8 -------------------------20000


But Calculated Data on Pivot Table:

Service Provider -------- Process Issue------ Logistics Volume

XXXXXXXXXXX --------- 8 -------------------------160,000???


The Logistics volumes should be 20000 not 160,000. the volumes are getting multiplied with the “Process Issues”, which is (8 x 20000 = 160,000).


In the backend no calculated fields are created, but on the pivot table its calculated wrong.If anyone knows any solution then kindly please share. Thank you all for supporting :)


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1 reply

I tried putting the Volumes aggregation to Average, then the grand total is wrong but the volumes are right. If i put the volumes aggregation to SUM then its getting multiplied with the NC Logistics Count. If anyone knows how to fix this then kindly please let me know :) thanks for your time and help :)