Parameter passing to dashboard

  • 29 October 2018
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I have dashboard d1 which has following

measure: qt_s_d {

type: sum

value_format: “#,##0

sql: ${TABLE}.qt_s ;;

html: {{ rendered_value }} | {{ qt_s_d1._rendered_value }} % of total;;

link: {

label: “Top 25 Query Details”

url: “/dashboards/2439?username={{ ‘abcd_efgh’ | url_encode }}”


link: {

label: “Top 25 Query Details1”

url: “/dashboards/2439?username={{ ‘abcdefgh’ | url_encode }}”



I am calling another dashboad d2 and passing username which is parameter for dashboard d2. The issue I am facing is that if the value of username that I am passing has _ character then d2 ignores it but if the value does not have _ then it uses it. so the first link above does not work but the second link works.


2 replies

The Url that gets opened in first one is following{"username":[{"type":"%3D","values":[{},{}],"id":0}]}

If you see second line, the value of parameter username gets ommited.

for the second case above{"username":[{"type":"%3D","values":[{"constant":"abcdefgh"},{}],"id":0}]}


Thanks for reaching out to us, I replied via email but I thought it may be helpful for others to describe the behavior/solution here as well.

The username ‘abcd_efgh’ not being passed through is expected, because the underscore ‘_’ is a special character within the filter syntax. The workaround is to escape the underscore with a carat symbol ^. So in your example, ‘abcd_efgh’ should be ‘abcd^_efgh’ . Check out the first bulletpoint in this section for details on this behavior: link