Overriding Look Filters in the Explore Section With Dashboard Global Filters

  • 16 July 2015
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When creating a dashboard it is important to understand how dashboard global filters override filters that you have saved on your Looks.

When applying filters to Looks in the Explore Section, they will be overridden by global dashboard filters as long as they are on the EXACT SAME field.

For instance:

In this example I have applied a filter to Orders Created Date for the past 30 days in the Explore Section.

In this first dashboard example, we will apply a listener for the dashboard element on Orders Created Date.

In this case you can see that applying the SAME filter has overridden the previous “Orders Created Date in the past 30 days” filter and is now scoped to view the “Orders Created Date in the past 120 days.” The Orders Count has returned “4,332”, which is the count for the past 120 days.

If instead we globally filtered on Orders Created Month, this would not override the Look filter of “Orders Created Date in the past 30 days.”

For Example:

In this example you can see that even though I have applied a global filter on “Orders Created Month for the past 120 days.” This filter was limited by the “Orders Created Date in the past 30 days” that is filtering on the Look itself. This can be seen because the number of Orders Count returns “1,024” is the count for the last 30 days. Selecting the same filter field become especially important when working with dimension groups as in this example. Using the same timeframe become a key to properly filtering elements that are added to a dashboard.

4 replies

Do Schedule Filters override Global Filters?

Hi @Sherwick – You are correct in that a Schedule Filter will take priority over a Dashboard Global Filter. This is because the Schedule Filter comes from the Dashboard Filter, but it can be customized when setting up schedules.

I’ve also been playing with global filters on dashboards. What if the looks in the dashboard don’t have any filters applied to them?

If you specify a filter in the dashboard, will that set it for each of the tiles (that you select, of course)? Or do you need to make that dimension a filter for each individual look?

For example, if I do not have a date filter set in each of my tiles, but I set it in the dashboard filter, will it apply to the individual tiles?

Hi Jake -

If I understand your question correctly, in the example you have given, your dashboard filter would indeed be applied to the individual tiles that you select - but you would need have a date field available in those Looks/tiles for the filter to apply to, and you would need to ensure that if - say - you are creating a filter on ‘year’ on the dashboard, it must be applied to a year field on the Look/tile.