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  • 20 March 2019
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What will be the object properties to add options for custom visualization resembling series tab of visualization dashboard.

3 replies

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Check out the “Configuration” section of this getting started guide which has examples of how to add options:

If you already know how to do it and are wondering what the actual options are that we use in our series tabs, I’m not sure but I would start by reverse engineering the publicly available custom viz examples in that repo. See these lines specifically:

Hi Izzy , thank you I have tried all the possible options including getting started guide and also publicly available custom viz, I am wondering if any one have come up with this , may be the Looker team as they have already implemented as part of visualizations which are already a part of Looker.

Hi Geeta,

Unfortunately the current implementation of the per-series options do not leverage a public-facing API. The nature of that API is such that it wouldn’t be easy to expose either.

As a work around, what you could consider doing is using the registerOptions event to configure your vis config after you have received your data. Then you could loop through your (series/measures/etc.) to generate the number of color options or title options you require based on your query result.

Here’s the relevant code from the example in the docs:

   update: function(data, element, config, queryResponse, details){
options = {}
// Create an option for each measure in your query
queryResponse.fields.measure_like.forEach(function(field) {
id = "color_" +
options[id] =
label: field.label_short + " Color",
default: "#8B7DA8",
section: "Style",
type: "string",
display: "color"
this.trigger('registerOptions', options) // register options with parent page to update visConfig

Hope this helps!