Number of total events is multiplied with longer time frame

  • 30 November 2022
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The number of Total events is growing when I'm looking at a longer time frame on looker studio. Everything is ok in analytics, but Looker studio seems to mess it up. 


I'm tracking "subscribe"-button clicks (custom events) on a site (GTM->UA->Looker) and I'm getting sensible numbers when I'm looking a timeframe like a week or two. When I'm looking longer timespan, like a month, all numbers are growing, and they are can be 4-fold when I'm looking the whole year.  


This messes up a lot of my analytics and I don't know where the problem is.

More background and detail:

I'm working for a news media, and I'd like to know how many subscription-clicks I'm getting for different articles. Every subscription click is firing a custom event in GTM that are tracked through UA. Here's an article that has been published last sunday (there can't be any subscription clicks before that on this article), and it's bringing in good numbers. Let's look at it alone. Total clicks is 46, Daily clicks are 22 on Sunday, 15 on Monday and 9 on Tuesday.


Next, I'm extending the timeframe from a week to a month, and the subscription clicks are growing, even though that shouldn't be possible. Now the total amount is 56, Daily clicks are 29 on Sunday, 18 on Monday and 7 on Tuesday


Extending the timeframe further, the numbers keep growing. For a three-month timeframe the total amount is 73, Daily clicks are 49 on Sunday, 16 on Monday and 8 on Tuesday.



For a timeframe of 9 months the total amount is 86, Daily clicks are 51 on Sunday, 17 on Monday and 17 on Tuesday.



1 reply

Hi there!

From your post, everything is working as expected in Analytics, so the issue is definitively on Looker Studio… Can you please try the following?

  • Replace the time series chart (which I really dislike) with a simple Line Chart
  • Use Date as a dimension, and your Custom Event as a metric
  • Add a date range control button to test the dates

Are you still facing the same issue?