null value to sort to top

  • 3 April 2020
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Hi All

How can I get a null value to sort to the top?

In another visualisation where I have something similar, it sorts to the top… but not in this one.

Any ideas?


3 replies

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Hi @GenDemo,

By holding shift, you can define a multi-column sort order. So start by using a table calc to make an “Is Null?” yes/no column, sort first by that, then shift+click your main column to set it as the next sort.

Hope that works for your use case!

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great idea with the is_null() column.

The ‘Shft + click’ doesnt do anything for me, but it seems that if I just sort on the is_null() column, then my other column appears in order… just hope it is robust enough to stay that way.


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ok and immediately after I posted that, and closed the dashboard, it failed.

So, what I did was, edited my ‘sort_order’ table calc to:

if(is_null(weeks), -99, weeks)

and then hid that, and sorted on it. That works. 😃