No "measure type" showing up for custom measure

  • 23 August 2022
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Hi All -- I am fairly new to Looker and trying to create visualizations that have date dimensions, with measures as 1) gross sales, 2) % change gross sales, 3) net sales 4) % change net sales. The % change are currently done as “add calculations” to the data section and show up as green columns. As soon as I try to transpose the data in the visualization so that the dates are the columns and the measures are rows, the order gets messed up and the calculations get moved to the bottom. I have read that I need to make everything a custom calculation to be able to reorder in the way I want, so that they show up as orange and not green, but when I go to make a custom calculation, there doesn’t appear to be a “measure type” showing up. 

What it looks like when I try to add a custom measure: 

What my custom measure looks like

What i think it’s supposed to look like when adding a custom measure:

what its supposed to look like (i think) 

second picture is from Adding custom fields – Looker Help Center


Is this an admin setting that needs to be overrided? Why would the measure type not be showing up? 


Thank you in advance!

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