NEXT Dashboard table columns DO NOT save order

We have several dashboards using the new NEXT format and options (cross filtering, love!). However, no matter what I do the columns NEVER save their order. I’ve tried:

  • Going to edit mode on the dash, edit mode on the tile, adjusting the column order, saving the tile, saving the dash, and then repeating for all of the tiles
  • Edit mode on dash, arranging column order, saving dash edits, and then repeating
  • Edit mode on dash, arranging column order on all tiles, saving

Nothing works. I have tried to find other posts and the last one was from a year ago. Is there resolution for this? This is really really frustrating as columns are positioned in specific places for results comparison. Below is what it looks like when edited and then what it looks like when I come back to the dash:

With Edits: 

Edits after navigating away from page:


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