"New" Table Visualization has some major flaws

  • 26 April 2020
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There’s a reason the “Legacy” Table Visualization is still kicking around (for how long? 1 year? 2?)… The “New” Table Visualization needs some serious work!

  1. Header row NEEDS to allow wrapping.

  2. “Auto-size columns” gives way too much width to the columns.

  3. Row Number column is WAY too wide (and isn’t adjustable!!)

Could Looker please please please invest into getting the “New” Table Visualization up to snuff because the Legacy one has been neglected to the point that it completely buggers out in some cases (e.g. with both Row and Column totals), and this alternative isn’t really working either.

7 replies

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Thanks for the feedback, we’re actively working on much of this, and I’ll make sure this gets to the right people. Table-next is getting continuously improved and worked on, and the eventual goal is for it to replace the Legacy table. We’re aiming to achieve parity with Legacy as well as stability before any kind of total replacement.

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Reporting another related feature request for the table visualizations:

Improve usability across screen resolutions/devices.

Currently the choice is between a table that does not expand to the width of a tile on larger screen resolutions, but allows for horizontal scrolling on mobile without word wrapping or truncating text - or a table that expands to width on larger screen resolutions, but compresses the column text on smaller screen resolutions, either through word-wrapping or truncation.

The idea would be to allow a table to expand to the width of a dashboard tile when all text can fit within the columns (e.g., using functionality similar to the “Size Columns to Fit” setting), but then enabling a horizontal scrollbar similar to what happens when the ‘gear’ option “Autosize All Columns” is selected to allow all text to be displayed in the table without word wrapping or truncation, just via the horizontal scroll bar. So some combination of these two existing features may get the job done in a user friendly way.

Might also be easily accomplished by allowing for min-width and/or max-width definitions for tables and/or columns.

Can we get details on what remains to achieve this parity? Our users have reported issues with the new table that we have been trying to chalk up to “pending resolution” for some time now.

Maybe you can reach out to some folks on the Data Studio team to help out with tables. 😉

Agree wholeheartedly. Love the new functionality, just wish the column widths could work “automagically” like the legacy table does! It’s the only thing stopping me from using the new version.

Hi, Is there any update on auto-resizing of column widths?

Hi, Is there any update on auto-resizing of column widths?

Wondering the same. I’m a big fan of some of the new table features,  but it’s difficult to feel good about using them when simple things like headers are unreadable in many instances. Hoping for an update soon, thank you!

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There’s another topic here where we try to gather all the things that still need some attention: