"New" Table Visualization has some major flaws

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Heads up that this issue (FINALLY!) appears to have been fixed by the latest update. We’re on Looker 22.12.38 now and header logic seems to be significantly improved. If your instance hasn’t been updated yet you can try reaching out to Looker support to expedite the timeline.

When can we expect a fix?

I’m embarrassed to present my dashboards.

Hi everyone, 
May I also throw in an inability to control value formatting when series visualisation is switched on & inability to format row numbers… This is generally ok, but when I tried to add a table into an embedded dash with dark theme it proved to be a nuisance. 

I suppose even wider than that, shouldn’t font colours within the table be affected by selected theme settings in the same way it happens for many other visuals? 


I hear there is a bunch of developments coming on the vis front, holding my fingers crossed for many improvements :) 

+1 on all of the feedback above