Multiple visualization in a look with each showing a single metric/column...possible?

  • 17 January 2020
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Let’s say I have a simple look in a pivot table that is showing a number of products bought each month by both males and females.

Also, in the same table, I have another metric showing average amount spent by again by month and by gender.

Is it possible to create 2 visualisations, one that will show number of products both in each month by males as well as females and then another visualization that will show an average amount spent each month by males and females.

I made up the example in order to simplify it but I basically have a pivot look with 6 or 7 measures (some of which are calculations) and if I put all that in a single visualization it’s overwhelming and no one can figure out what is happening.

If it is not possible, any ideas what workaround may accomplish this?


2 replies

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would a trellis chart fit your needs? That’s the only way I know of to make multiple visualizations from a pivot

Thank you Haley!

This is an option but it’s still too confusing, I feel.

I either get 7 or 12 small charts and it’s not very clear and easy for a user to see what’s happening.

I’m thinking I may just create a several copies of the look and in each copy hide most of the columns and leave only one metric visible.

Then combine them all in a dashboard.

Thanks again for the suggestion!