Multiple times series with different X axis

  • 17 September 2022
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I have two tables : `groups` and `messages`. To keep it simple let’s consider this :

I am able to create two series showing : the number of total groups over time (thanks to a running_total measure) and the number of messages created (with a simple count).


What I’d like is to have those two series on the same plot. I created an explore joining the two views. I’m confused because I don’t know if this is possible on the first place.


While it visually looks similar, values are not the same.


Should it be possible to make it work ? Is there a looker feature I’m missing here ?


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You would need to use a calendar table to make the dates agnostic. Right now you can either visualise it by group creation month or message creation month but in order to isolate them both.

You have some options:

  1. Create new explore with calendar as a base and then both groups and messages connecting to calendar by date
  2. Add two calendar joins to the existing explore, one joining to groups, one to messages and then in a view create a coalesce date from both of them (you could have a group created when no messages were created and vice versa - not talking about running total just yet)
  3. Create a PDT with the aggregation table
  4. Probably what I would do now in your case:  create calendar explore. Create a query with calendar, use merge query to add groups and messages, visualise the merge query.