Measure vs. Measure Scatterplots (3.28+)

  • 27 August 2015
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As of version 3.28, you can now plot measure vs. measure scatterplots. This can be done by hiding the dimension(s) in the data table from the visualization.

For example, say you have this data table:

In order to chart Orders Count vs. Order Items Total Sale Price, you will want to hide Users Age from the visualization by selecting Hide from Visualization from that column’s gear dropdown:

After selecting scatter from the chart icon options, you should see a chart like this!

76 replies

Hi all, adding my +1 to this. For anyone still struggling with this, I was able to create somewhat usable scatterplot. Dots are still shown in the same colour and the legend is missing but hovering over each dot gives you what you’re looking for. See Scatterplot as a matrix | Looker Community