Max columns for Timeline visualization

  • 29 March 2019
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I’d like to use the Timeline visualization to show how many purchases are made by hour of day per day of week. Was trying to pivot the Day of Week, but apparently you can only have 5 columns in a Timeline visualization. What is the rationale for that?

Is there a work around? Perhaps a better way to visualize what the data?

1 reply

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I meant to reply to this a while ago!

I would probably use a bar chart to visualize purchase by day, just since it’s more simple— The timeline chart is a bit more niche.

However, I bet you could still do it. This page explains how it works and what each column is for:

You could have column #1 be day of week, and then set up your start + end columns using hours. If you run into trouble, I can try and build an example 🙂

See if that docs link helps!