Mass (De)Selection in Legend

  • 13 September 2018
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I was wondering if the functionality regarding an improvement of the Legend in your viz was in your pipeline? It will be great to have the functions Select ‘All’ and ‘None’ in order to improve the user experience as sometimes, it can be painful, when we’ve a lot of legend, to (de)select each one by one.

At the opposite, maybe there’s a tip that we haven’t spotted yet to obtain this?

Thanks for your feedback.


FYI @Christine_Kelly @alexis_charrier

5 replies

yes, that would certainly be the nice feature to have

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Additionally, to go from a single selection after option+click you can effectively “Select All” by option+clicking on the one selected item again. Took a lot of button mashing for me to figure out these little Easter eggs the first time, but I use them often!

Ovi has the right idea here. You will also be able to select all if you option+click on a legend entry that is the only entry currently selected.

Hey Claire,

Have you tried option & click on legend entries of line charts? It will deselect all other values of the legend and only display the one you clicked; if you want none, you just have to click again (without the option modifier) to disable that last one.

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Hi Claire,

At present we don’t have the ability to select or deselect sets of legend elements like this, but I can certainly see how this ability would be an improvement in situations where there is a large number of elements in the viz. I’ll forward your feedback to the Product people!