Manual sorting of X-axis in Line Chart

  • 16 February 2021
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I’m new to Looker and exploring it.

Could anyone tell me how to sort line chart’s x-axis manually in Looker?

For example in the below graph, I want to have:

02/03/18, 02/04/18, 02/06/18, 02/01/18, 02/02/18, 02/05/18, 02/07/18, 02/08/18, 02/09/18

instead of:

02/01/18, 02/02/18, 02/03/18, 02/04/18, 02/05/18, 02/06/18, 02/07/18, 02/08/18, 02/09/18

with no specific order wrt y axis values

2 replies

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I don’t really understand the rules of the sorting you’re trying to achieve but if it’s “random”, you have to change the axis to Ordinal and then use your data to sort it by creating a dimension that will output sequence of numbers according to your rules and then use that dimension to sort data in the data table

Hi Dawid,


Thanks for the answer. Yes, I wanted to know how to sort in a random order manually.