Make denominator of percent total calculations unaffected by filters

  • 3 February 2023
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I’ve been searching around and can’t find an answer. Hoping to get some help here.


I am trying to create a dynamic precent total table calculation where the denominator stays the same but the numerator can be changed with filters in a dashboard.


For example. I want my stakeholders to be able to understand how much of revenue comes from one customer in a state of all revenue made. lets say we have $100,000 in total revenue and I want to know how much of customer A in Texas. A sample table is below to make more sense.

State Customer Revenue
TX A $50K


TX B $20K
NY B $20K


With the scenario above I want them to be able to filter a dashboard to see the following

State Customer Customer Revenue Total Revenue % of Total Revenue
TX A $50K $100K 50%


Basically I’m struggling with the “Total Revenue” being ignored by other filters. Ideally I would like the filter that can effect the “Total Revenue” is a date range.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2 replies

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You can’t do that unless the Total Revenue is already present in your table. Filters = WHERE clause, which means you’re losing the context of a whole table. 

I can’t test it now (will try tomorrow) but maybe, just maybe, this could be done by filtering the visualisation using Dimension, Liquid of the filter and Yes/No dimension. I’ll have a go tomorrow

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You could try creating a NDT that doesn’t bind all filters. You’d just want the ones that impact total revenue.