Make chart to show same metric at different level

  • 28 July 2022
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I am just wondering is it possible to create a chart in Looker which is about same metric but at different level? 

For example, I want to show the revenue for a product by month (one line) and I also want to show in the same chart the revenue for the product by week (another line). Is it possible to do that?


1 reply

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It probably could be but not exactly as you want. Anyway, ask yourself what would this look like? What would your x-axis be? The granularity of the axis has to be a week, so how do you show a month? Relationship of a month & week is not 1:4 or anything like that. We also can’t put multiple x-axis in the chart, and that I’m happy about (in this case it could create more confusion).

We not use separate tiles that show week and then monthly numbers?