Looks are not imported into a new space

  • 3 October 2017
  • 1 reply

Hi, when I tried to import the LookML dashboard into a new Space, in this new version of the looker, the Looks associated to the dashboard were not imported. In the previous version, the Looks were imported together with the LookML Dashboards.

Is there any change in the API or this is a bug?

1 reply

Hello Bruno, our Support Team hasn’t seen this behavior reported. Potentially there may be a Space permissions setting that needs to be updated to Manage Access, Edit. However, if you are still seeing this behavior even when importing a LookML Dashboard to your personal space, please reach out to support@looker and we can help troubleshoot and determine if there is a product issue. Please include any additional screenshots, links to the dashboard pages, or other details that describe the issue you are having.