LookML Dashboards don't work with Spaces

I have about 200 LookML dashboards, which results in an unmanageably long list when you try to browse them.

I would like to use Spaces to organise them, but then you lose version control and the ability to tweak the LookML. Although you can import dashboards into Spaces, you can’t get them back out again.

Has anyone come up with a neat solution for this problem?

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+1. I prefer lookML dashboards, but they seem to sit outside of Spaces. Maybe this is a feature request?

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@andrewk and @weitzenfeld We are thinking about improved Spaces functionality, including LookML dashboards. I’ll add you to that feature request.

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Add me, too, please, @Brett_Sauve. (I’m commenting per this advice.)


We would also welcome the possibility to list LookML dashboards in Spaces.

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Putting my support behind this as well. Our pro/con list of LookML vs User-defined-dashboards is here, but would love to see those options brought back together.

This is 1.5 years old. Any word on progress on this front?

@Sam_Wilson We are looking to make LookML and User Defined dashboards manageable from the same area and we are actively working at this but I have no ETA just yet for you

+1 Also a huge issue for us

+1 on this, huge problem for us.

+1 for this feature. Can’t use LookML dashboards without this functionality

Yes I agree. +1 for this feature.

Hey… Is this in picture now? can we see lookml dashboards in separate place?

@Harika This is an open feature request at the moment but there is no ETA that can be shared at this point for this functionality to be included on the final product.