LookML dashboard title alignment

  • 25 April 2018
  • 4 replies

Hi, Is there any way to align the table title to the left in LookML? Currently it is center aligned by default and I don’t see the option in here:

4 replies

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Hi @Makoto_Taguchi,

It’s not currently possible to choose the alignment of the title of a dashboard tile. I’ll pass your feedback along!

You could always use Markdown in the Body ‘Add Text’ box:

<p align="left">
<b><font color="DimGrey" size="5">Summary Metrics</font></b>


Hi, my question was for the title of dashboard tile. Is there any way to add the alignment option?

  • name: Cost

    title: Cost

    model: test

    explore: test_table

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Hey @Makoto_Taguchi,

I hope you are doing good, as @Morgan has mentioned above this is not currently possible with Looker.