LookML Dashboard hide/disable some of the filters for specific users

  • 8 September 2022
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I’m creating the LookML Dashboard - with a table and some filters. I’ve implemented column-level access restrictions, using user attributes and access grants on dimensions. So, some of the columns on the Dashboard, containing sensitive data, are visible only for the users who are added to the specific group. My problem is, that there are also filters added on those columns - and those filters are always visible on the dashboard, even if the user can’t see the columns in the table. Is there a way to hide only those filters? Or maybe disable/colour/mark in any way? I haven’t seen such an option for filters, but maybe there is some workaround.. Or the only way to have different filters for different users is to create separate Dashboards (which I would really prefer to avoid)?


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1 reply

Hi zlindner, 


I’m having the same issue and I’m wondering if someone have found a solution? 


This is something that the looker team should definitely look into adding to their backlog as there is definitely a use case for it!