LookML dashboard generation sometimes loses title_hidden parameter

  • 22 March 2019
  • 2 replies

I have two tiles in the same LookML dashboard, both with title_hidden: true, and when I run the dashboard, indeed both tiles have their title hidden.

I export this to a user defined dashboard, and the titles for both tiles remain hidden.

I then export the LookML from the user defined dashboard, and the result is that one of the tiles loses its title_hidden parameter and the title is now visible.

The title that loses its title is based on merged explores, if that’s any help.

2 replies

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Noted + filed internally— I’ll keep the thread updated!

Reached this thread from a search engine and wanted to add that I’m seeing the same issue -- when a dashboard is converted from a user-defined dashboard to LookML with merged query tiles, the merged query tiles are losing the “title_hidden” parameter in the auto-generated LookML. After I manually add the title_hidden parameter to the LookML, the titles are rendering hidden as-expected.