Looker vs SSRS

  • 10 June 2015
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I am working with a SQL Server Dataset and I am building an Engineering Dashboard on top of this to monitor Product Status based on data in the DB. I am considering using either Looker or SSRS.

  1. People in this board have chosen Looker or are considering it of course. For those who have worked with SSRS, but now use Looker, why did you choose to go with Looker?

  2. How well does Looker integrate with SQL Server?

My main goal is to build an internal net accessible Dashboard with dynamic Tables and Plots embedded in the page. Tables that allow the user to drill down into the data.

One feature that has drawn me to Looker is the lack of requirement for every user to have a license to view the data. Is this Assumption correct?

Thank you.

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