Looker reports missing table column data

  • 5 October 2021
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I am compiling reports for co workers but for some reason the columns are re-sizing and resulting in missing data when the report is generated.

FYI the columns contain ‘lists’ of data and it does not matter which format I choose to generate the report.  Any suggestions would be great, I am losing my mind!




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3 replies

Hey @Myk

Just out of curiosity, are you using Table-Next or Dashboard-Next with this report?

If so, this could be part of an ongoing issue of seemingly random resizing of columns.  Check out this question to see if it is similar to what you are experiencing and if so, Shashank89 posted yesterday about the Looker team looking into that issue.

I hope this is helpful!

Hi @minerkt 


Yes, that is pretty much the issue I am having too!

I have reverted back to the Legacy option as it has always seemed more stable.  I will keep an eye on that thread and see if a fix is made


Thanks again!


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send it to support so its logged as an issue otherwise its just more +1s on the forum which is unlikely to actually make a difference.