Looker Filter that can evaluate to more than one condition

  • 17 September 2022
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I'm trying to create a filter for my dashboard.


I need the filter to be able to evaluate to more than one condition.

For example, my logic can look like the following:


when account_age < 1 then 'populate new accounts'
when account_health = 'red' then 'populate unhealthy accounts'


So in the case where an account is new and unhealthy...I'm running into problems. The filter will only evaluate to the first match.

Meaning if the account is new, it will just populate when someone selects populate new account and will not appear when someone selects populate unhealthy accounts.


How can I create a filter that can evaluate to more than one criterion when selected?


So in this case, I want the account to appear when populate new account

is selected but also populate when you select: populate unhealthy account

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