Looker dashboard uses old cache even after clear cache and refresh

  • 3 August 2017
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I have Looker dashbaord created and have cache enabled at explore level for 6 hours. Issue is if I run dashbaord once and run same dashbaord again with option clear cache and refresh. When I or user run the same dashbaord again it is using old cache before clear cache and refresh option. How to make sure the Looker uses updated cache not the old cache. This is really critical as I did testeing for the data but when Looker delivered dashbaord to the users it delivered the old data. This is really frustating from our side as there is nothing that I can do even I know the issue is from Looker side. 😦

5 replies

Hi @kshah7!

Running Clear Cache and Refresh should invalidate the existing dashboard cache. Can you visit with more details so we can investigate this with you?

I’m having exactly the same issue. I have a report with a drill down list. When I get the details, the list have different values from the database. Clear Cache & Run returns the same. I, then, “Explore from Here”, clear cache, run, and the values are updated as I wanted to. I return to the report, drill down again and the old values are there! What am I missing?

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Hi Ricardo, Looker fixed this issue in 4.16 so if you upgrade to 4.16 or later than it will resolve cache issue. 🙂

Hi, I am still seeing this issue on a dashboard of mine. A drill-down on a dimension produces results from the last time that specific query was run, and clicking “Clear Cache & Refresh” only clears the cache of the first dashboard seen (not any subsequent dimension drill-downs). How can this be remedied as it defeats the point of the drill-downs? I have Instant Dashboard turned off.

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Hey @abenya, sorry to hear this is happening for you, I would first check that there are no explore-level persistence settings that are forcing cache beyond the default. Also I would want to make sure that the drill is a “true” drill and not actually a link that is taking you to a new piece of content that has it’s own cache. If neither of these are the case, please visit us at and we can get a dialogue going to troubleshoot further. Thanks!