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  • 5 December 2019
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So when is Next going to be Looker 7?

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According to the press release here:, Looker 7 will be available in January. I’ll note it would be against many standard principles (and laws) to say something other than what has been publicly announced.

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Thanks Quinn. In the past, Looker has used Looker Next as a place to trail new functionality before it’s released. Thats where I was going.

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The content on Looker-Next is not being actively managed these days to point out use cases for new features— But it is still updated on our most bleeding edge schedule (At least daily), so it still exists for the curious who want to poke around.

Re: your specific question, our first release in 2020 will be “Looker 7.0” and Looker Next will reflect that! So 2020 is the answer to your question.

However, it’s important to make a distinction between Looker 7.0 and Looker 7. Many of the features that compose the “Looker 7 launch” will not be immediately present in Looker 7.0 and will instead be rolling out over the course of the later 7.x versions. So don’t log in on 1/1/2020 and expect to see every single new feature 🙂

It’s good to know that people are still using next and excited about the upcoming features— If you share more about specific value you’d like to see from it, we can see what we might do!