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We have an issue with the UI for Looks where the Filter Section doesn’t show a scroll bar and instead overlaps into the visualization and cuts off some filters. One then has to then collapse the visualization panel to see all filters, apply the filters, then re-expand the Visualization panel. I don’t remember this being an issue previously, at least on Chrome, but it seems to be now. Anyone else experience this or have any info? Image attached to illustrate.

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Hey Jason!

We’ve seen this behavior happen before, but not for a long time. If you send an email to with the screenshots+description and let them know what chrome version you’re using and what Looker version you’re using, we can get it reproduced and fixed up.

If anybody else has experienced something similar, would be helpful to also hear your cases information.

Hi Izzy,

Thanks for following up. I thought I had replied earlier by email but looks like that wasn’t the case!. All is well now. A fix was applied to our instance and the filter panel operates as it should.

Thanks again,


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I’ve had similar but with the SQL runner few weeks back. In minimizing the Results tab (so expanding the query one), the query was still cut off. Id have to minimize the query and expand it again to see it. It would have been on customer instances, so i’ll keep a look out if it happens again and email support.