Look edited and saved but does not persist

  • 2 February 2017
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I have looks in a dashboard. I want to edit a look, so what I do is to view the original look, made changes and save it.

Everything looks fine in the look page, until I refresh the dashboard page, and realise that the look does not reflect the changes I have made. So, I view the original look again, and the changes are not there at all.

It’s annoying because this happens often but not always. Sometimes I have to redo the edits, like 3 times, before the changes persist.

8 replies

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Yes, this is terribly annoying. I hear the fix is in the works, and I’d love to know when to expect it.

What if instead of clicking on “view the original look”, try “edit” - which is below “Explore from here” and above “add note”. Then save the changes. I know it doesn’t solve the problem with viewing the original look but could be an alternative solution.

Will this modify the original look?

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Hi @hans-t! We’ve identified and are working on deploying a resolution to this issue. I’m sorry that you ran into this frustrating issue.

We do have a workaround before the patch is deployed, this issue should only occur when hitting save before the results populate in the Look. If save occurs after the Look completes the query, it should save.

Please let us know if this workaround is not effective!

I will also contact your account manager to ensure that we deliver the fix ASAP to your Looker as it becomes available.

We will also update this thread when we have confirmation on when a general update will be released across affected deployments.

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@mikhailxu hit the nail on the head. We’ve merged a patch that will disable the Save button while the query is returning, so that you cannot make changes and then have them get overwritten when the query returns from the server (what had been happening).

This patch will be part of Looker 4.6.9, which all regularly updated Looker hosted instances should be running by the end of the day today (from the US Pacific perspective).

For those who update themselves, the Looker 4.6 download email will have a link to a download with this fix. The release email should go out later today. Self-hosted instances still running Looker 4.4 can also update to a patch with this fix by hitting the Looker 4.4 latest download link in the email you received a few weeks ago.

@cutler this is 100% still an issue. I run into this on the daily.

This is still a problem for me, using the gear icon and save as look followed by a new name.

I would expect the changes to be kept - but it does not.

We’re using a managed hosted version of Looker which should be up-to-date

Sill a problem for me. Is there a workaround right now? The only workaround I have right now is to log out and back in for the changes to stay.