(LOD) Make Measure Value Fixed Regardless of Dimension in the Visual

  • 18 October 2022
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Hello, I want to share my knowledge regarding Level of Detail (LOD) - Fixed as in the features in Tableau.

Here's an example:

  1. DATA

In this case, I want to get the percentage value of each Indicator compared to its Revenue value, for example COGS to Revenue (formula: %Value=COGS value/Revenue value).


Step 1.

Create custom measure with filter by Indicator = Revenue

then Save and hide from visualization. 

Create custom measure “sum_revenue”


Step 2.

Create table calculation with this calculation :


then Save and hide from visualization. 

Create Table Calculation “revenue”

Step 3.

Create table calculation for %Value with this calculation :


then Save and hide from visualization. 


Example the visualization​​​​

Regarding to the visualization, I want to hide the Revenue indicator.

First, the thing to note for this is don’t use filter ! Because it will affect the Revenue value, so use Limit Displayed Rows on Edit Visualization (Plot Tab)

Limit displayed rows

I choose hide first rows because the Revenue value has sorted on the first row.


Hope this can help your issue!


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